Taking a look at the National Basketball Association, NBA, season 2017–18 wouldn’t it be interesting to find out whether rookies performed better than veterans?

We’ll use SAS software to analysis our findings but first let’s set the parameters for rookies and veterans. Let’s classify a rookie as a player with less than 2 seasons experience, which in this case was 276 players, whereas a veteran will have 10 years plus experience, 161 players fall into this category.

In this study 3 distinct datasets from the NBA season 2017–18 were utilised which comprised of:

· End of season rank for each…

I’ve tried to pull together a discussion and process that I used to extract tweets from Twitter over a 23 hour period during the covid-19 outbreak specifically for the UK and Ireland. I have omitted the set-up of Docker and MongoDB, we’ll save that for another time, and have only included the insertion of records into MongoDB. I would certainly recommend that you also check out Ty Shaikh’s Udemy course which utilises Redis and includes an interface to view the results.

The extraction of Twitter data is initially based upon a bounding box whose coordinates, for completeness, include the UK…

The term ‘Knowledge Graph’ can be traced back to the Google Knowledge Graph, 2010, ‘The basic motto behind the Google Knowledge Graph was to make search about things not strings.’ [1]. It should come as no surprise that the success of the Google Knowledge Graph coincided with the increase in knowledge bases. Over recent years Knowledge graphs have become a popular way to represent data and can be considered as a semblance for knowledge discovery, data mining, Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing, NLP.

In essence the Knowledge graph concerns the nature of structured data in a graphical format and…

We previously discussed that spaCy will utilise default optimiser settings if the parameter sgd is not set when creating a model.

A list of the default hyper parameters is outlined below.

One of the great things about NER is trying to find those critters! I recently completed a project where one of the pre-requisites was to identify a location from large text fields containing randomly entered data.

Of course if there’s no control during the input of data then chaos reigns but we are where we are and if someone wants to put their homemade recipe for lasagne in an address field then hey it’s going to get messy but we’ll keep the lecture notes on data entry for another time and place.

For now we need to extract something that…

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